Ottawa Cleaning Company

We are committed to the best quality commercial and residential Cleaning


Commercial Cleaning

We are a reputable commercial cleaning services as well as janitorial services. Ottawa Cleaning Company has a wide range of commercial cleaning services serving clients in the banking industry as well as medical clinics.

Ottawa Cleaning Company will work during office hours as well as after-hour services to avoid disrupting business operations.  All commercial cleaning services are tailored to the type of business and its unique needs. We are able to accommodate special requests but still offer affordable and competitive rates.

OTTAwa Cleaning Company

Ottawa Cleaning Company provides high quality residential and commercial cleaning services in Ottawa. Customer satisfaction is central to all our activities and services. We have a reputation for fast, discrete and quality cleaning services.

Our Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

Look no further than Ottawa Cleaning Company where we guarantee high quality services. We ensure that your office is spotlessly clean so that you clients are received into a clean office you are happy about. We will clean all commercial offices irrespective of size and location.

Restaurants, Pubs and Eateries

Cleanliness is mandatory for the food industry. Ottawa Cleaning Company has the experience working with clients in the food services and restaurant businesses.

Medical Clinic Cleaning

Ottawa Cleaning Company have cleaning services tailored for health centers and medical clinics. The medical cleaning services go beyond surface dirt to include disinfection. We use specific detergents and products to kill bacteria and other infectious agents.

Retirement Home

Ottawa Cleaning Company understands the dynamics of cleaning a retirement facility. There are different areas of these facilities that require specific cleaning services including general areas, apartments, and food preparation areas. Our crew will clean the facility door to door.

We Will Make Absolutely Any Place Clean, Neat & Tidy

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Ottawa Cleaning Company offers the best commercial cleaning service. Contact us for services in non-commercial hours to help prevent disruption of normal business operations. We have a wide range of services for all types of businesses including medical clinics, banks, stores and more.


Industrial Cleaning Services

Our industrial cleaning services are designed to meet the needs of different types of industries. Factories are prone to bacterial growth and other germs that may trigger health issues and produce foul smell. Contact us today and we’ll have a solution for your business.

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