Medical Clinic Cleaning

Ottawa Cleaning Company offers post-construction cleaning to get rid of any types of dust, residue, or dirt left behind by construction teams.

Medical Clinic Cleaning

We have the best cleaning service in Ottawa for medical clinics and health centers. Trust us to perform deep cleaning beyond dust and surface dirt. Ottawa Cleaning Company has the products and equipment to get rid of bacteria and other infectious agents.

We offer comprehensive medical clinic cleaning services in Ottawa. Every job demands thorough cleaning irrespective of whether it is reception, waiting rooms, consultation rooms, or operation rooms.  We also help to clean the general areas, hallways, bathrooms, and food preparation areas.

Disinfection of all areas


Our medical cleaning services will target the cleaning and disinfection of all areas. Our crew are highly trained in cleaning and handling expensive medical equipment. They will come full stocked with different types of products for different surfaces and to target infectious agents.

Ottawa Cleaning Company follows all medical center cleaning regulations and protocols

Are worrying about a last minute cleaning task? Don’t worry anymore!

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